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BARBinc #BarberArt Roundup (Mar-29-2014)

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BarberArt invades the Ultra Music Festival… SpruceCruz wrinkles it up… RobTheOriginal starts “mogulling”… and More…!

"Wrinkles" must be on our mind... 2014 is turning into a BUSY year and we've been hustling here at BARBinc...! We've launched lots of new projects - including our new 2014 Events Calendar...

...and as we focused on the details of our work, we became obsessed with the effort that went into portrait wrinkles.

Creating wrinkles has always been a challenge for artists of all backgrounds. It's only a small part of any image. But to be successful at painting/sculpting wrinkles you have to be precise AND focused (and probably a bit crazy too...)
So, it's no surprise that @sprucecruz commands this week's Cover Art.
We really related to the painstaking attention and precision that Jesus Cruz used to recreate every wrinkle on "Popeye The Sailor Man's" crusty face. That takes true dedication...!!
We also want to highlight @derekthabarber and his excellent portrait of art master Pablo Picasso...
And (as usual) @robtheoriginal is ever-active...! This week, we see him becoming a true "BarberArt Mogul" by cross-branding his talents with celebrity barber @markthebarber and Miami-based apparel company @sprayground.
(NOTE: Before any "purists" try to attack these works for being "all color, no cut", Rob was generous enough to show the masterful razor-art that sets the foundation for this "Grand Theft Auto" piece. )
As for the rest of this week's Roundup, there are many solid pieces to admire - including this interesting abstract-mohawk combination from @yadiel_da_barber.
...this piece by @mr_fineline that's turning heads right now at the 2014 Ultra Music Festival...
...and @slicknickthebarber -- who created this piece as a "fan-art" tribute to @marcusph333.
So, Congrats to everyone in this week's Roundup and we at BARBinc News look forward to finding and highlighting more gems next week...!


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About the BARBinc Best New #BarberArt Roundup

We at BARBinc love to showcase notable BarberArt designs from around the web for fun and inspiration… Every week, we scan hundreds of recently posted Instagram photos to bring you the top examples (in our humble opinion) of “freshly minted” BarberArt.

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