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The #BarberArtMaster Series – Marcus P Hatch

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This is the 3rd installment in a new series, highlighting barbers that consistently take haircutting to another level…! This week, Marcus P Hatch, aka, “@marcusph333“.

Throughout May and June, we're highlighting a select group of Barber-Artists that represent the absolute "top of the field". These individuals consistently deliver haircuts that transcend everyday standards and can be considered world-class works of art.

We at BARBinc call these people "BarberArtMasters"...
Last week, we put the spotlight on the "Master in the Mid-West", Jesus Cruz.
This week, we travel back to Texas to introduce you to Marcus P Hatch (aka @marcusph333) who owns and operates MP's Cutt Barbershop in El Paso, TX..
Out of all the #BarberArtMasters in our series, Marcus is truly the boldest and most daring of the bunch. When looking at a "MP Masterpiece", the first thing that grabs your attention is the futuristic, abstract designs that seem to be channeled from some other galaxy.
Marcus, who was featured in Los-Cut-It's "The Blueprint" DVD, likes to fill his "canvas" with exotic geometric shapes and curves, curves, curves that intertwine like a complex, 3-dimensional puzzle...
Often, his signature style will include a sunburst fade pattern "slashing" through the heart of each piece -- as if Marcus is vandalizing his own work.
However, as shown by this Patriot's logo, each "slash" helps to transform an otherwise well-known image into something truly unique.
Only an artist at the top of his game could be THAT cocky with his art... (and if you follow Marcus' Instagram feed, you kinda get the feeling that he IS that cocky...!)
But, no hating here... artists will be artists and we at BARBinc can only sit back and admire the genius that is "MP".

Case in point, this "Crown" haircut is STILL one of our all-time favorite works..!
Marcus likes to think of himself as "...not a Barber... I am a lost Artist with a passion for hair...".

He draws inspiration from a range of mediums including fashion design and tattoo-art. For example, this mind-blowing tattoo posted (but not done) by Marcus demonstrates his appreciation for complex, 3-dimensional artwork.
...and just when you think you've seen enough, Marcus will surprise you with photo-realistic portraits like this one of Kobe Bryant.
So... We encourage all our readers to follow Marcus P Hatch's Instagram feed. We are always eager to see what springs forth from his imagination.

And... Stay tuned for another BarberArtMaster next week...!

About BARBinc and #BarberArt…

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