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The #BarberArtMaster Series – DerekThaBarber

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This is our 4th installment in a series highlighting barbers that consistently take haircutting to another level…! This week, California-based DerekThaBarber.

Throughout May and June, we're highlighting a select group of Barber-Artists that represent the absolute "top of the field". These individuals consistently deliver haircuts that transcend everyday standards and can be considered world-class works of art.

We at BARBinc call these people "BarberArtMasters"...
Last week, we put the spotlight on Marcus P Hatch, a gifted abstract BarberArtist based in El Paso, Texas.
This week, we go to the West Coast - specifically Antioch, California - home of a Master known only by the online handle @derekthabarber) .
According to his website (www.derekthabarber.com), Derek was born an raised in Antioch - a small city within the San Francisco Bay area. Though Derek loved to draw since early childhood, he picked up a pair of clippers at around 12 and never looked back.
Unlike the other Masters featured in our series, Derek's art isn't defined by a specific technique or style. But that's not a criticism. In fact, Derek's artistic range is what sets him apart from the "average" BarberArtist...
Photo-realistic portraits... Check.
Abstract design work... Check.
Gothic horror... Check
But what REALLY caught our eye here at BARBinc was Derek's bold recreation of Micheangelo's "The Creation of Adam".

According the Derek, he was "...on my #JeremyKnott ish"....
The combination of shading, veining (think "wrinkles etched in stone"), and 3-dimensional layering literally made our jaws drop...!
...and ultimately, it's this artistically "clean" approach that may best describe Derek's signature style. From Aztec warriors to this beautiful rendition of the Golden Gate Bridge, the lack of "noise" makes each haircut pop off each canvas in its own unique way...!
So... We encourage all our readers to follow DerekThaBarber's Instagram feed (...and follow him on Twitter where he really can use the support 😉

And... Stay tuned for our FINAL BarberArtMaster next week...!

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