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EXCLUSIVE !! Meet the woman that’s taking Bronner Brothers into the 21st Century

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BARBinc.com interviews Sabrina McKenzie – Show Director of Bronner Brothers International Hair Show.

In Part 1 of our interview, she shares her vision on how to bring change to a multi-million dollar extravaganza.

We ALL know Bronner Brothers. Over 60 years in the industry and counting…!

Company Info

You may recall our coverage the company’s 2013 International Hair Show…

THE BIG EVENT – Bronner Bros. International Hair Show 2013

The oldest and most well know show in the minority (…and not just “African American”) Haircare Industry. Their annual International Hair Show is attended by 300+ vendors, 40-60,000 visitors, educators and industry professionals – all wanting to see what is HOT and what is NEW in the Minority hair industry.
Bronner Brothers has been featured in dozens of Magazines and a number of Movies. Countless careers have been started at their hair show. Bronner Brothers is also know as the company that magnified the “GLAM” in Glamour with its trademark competitions featuring entertaining characters and never-seen-before hairstyles.

The “Cirque” Side of Bronner Brothers

But lately things have not seemed as bright. Rumors swirl. Attendance has dropped. New competitors are entering the marketplace. New Technologies are driving sales and information. The “Natural Hair” phenomenon is proving to be more than just a fad – it is here to stay. And Bronner Brothers has been slow to respond.
Well “Things about to CHANGE ‘round Here!”


Meet Sabrina McKenzie: Pastor, Dancer, Model, Entertainer, Reality TV Star, Survivor… And now the new Show Director for Bronner Brothers International Hairshow. She has been tasked with the incredible challenge of bringing the shine back to Bronner Brothers with an initial focus on the upcoming Annual Show.

Bronner Bros Hair Show

So how does one change the course of a successful industry Titan with reaches in all areas of the industry and with a consumer base that may not always embrace changes? In effect, “How do you change the course of the Titanic?”
We asked Ms. McKenzie that very question when we ran into her at the World Natural Health & Beauty Expo in New York this past weekend.. Her Answers were interesting and with far reaching potential impact.

“It starts with LISTENING… To the Educators, to the Barbers/Cosmetologist, to the Vendors and to the general public. No longer could Bronner Brothers assume that they had all the answers. Instead bronner kicked off a listening tour to LEARN from their audience…”

“Next there’s a greater focus on OUTREACH… That means attending the TOP shows out there. Getting a feel for the pulse of the industry. Identifying new stars and new products. Picking up on the latest trends. Seeing what people are really interested in. Not just at Bronner Brothers shows but at all the major shows…”

“And finally it’s about refreshing the BRAND… New Website. Online ticket sales. A Smartphone App. More focus on Social Media. New Concepts. Bringing back old favorites. Bigger Marketing and Promotional budget. And new people in key roles…”

Twitter / BronnerBros: Get all the updates about the …

And the Results… Well it has only been a few months and on the SURFACE, changes are evident (…Much Improved Website, More Social Media Outreach, Mobile App) … And we have definitely seen a change in approach and energy level around the show. There is a definite BUZZ out there.
People are curious… But the first REAL test will be this upcoming show in Atlanta – Aug 2nd – 5th

Bronner Bros Hair Show

Tomorrow in Part 2 of our interview, we ask Ms McKenzie about what we should SEE when we arrive at next week’s Bronner Brothers International Hair Show… Stay Tuned..!

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