AlsMillions shows why he’s a Master Barber…

We need to warn you upfront… This is a LONGGGG video (over 30 minutes)… Usually we avoid long videos. However, Master Barber and ABAAM Entrepreneur “AlsMillions” breaks the rule by providing a quality step-by step clinic that he himself performs at a recent Bronner Bros. event.

In the video, Al cuts a young man’s hair by creating a Dark Ceaser with a Freestyle design to boot. He covers the basics like cutting with the grain, pitfalls to look out for. Then he branches out into specialty techniques like shadow hairline enhancements. Believe us when we say that the final result is worth your patience!

We recommend skimming through the entire video to catch the highlights and look for Al’s comments that pop up on the screen during the first 15 minutes for additional tips/tricks…

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Written by BARBinc News

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