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How to do a Fohawk on Straight & Fine Hair

As part of a ongoing series, BARBinc focuses on helping barbers create the ever-popular Mohawk/Fohawk hairstyle. We’ve culled the Internet to find the absolute best videos that will help you master this cut.

We at BARBinc like this video because its a good example of fohawk (or fauxhawk) cut on hair that’s 1) Very fine and 2) Very straight. In this case, “Barber Bellic” is cutting a bald fade fauxhawk on an asian male.

For those who want to master the Mohawk/Fohawk cut on all hair types, this is a good video to watch…

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What’s a Mohawk/Fohawk…?

The mohawk is the ultimate anti-establishment hairstyle for men (and women) who want to broadcast thier independence…! Originally inspired by the Native American Mohawk (or Mohican) Indians, the hairstyle is immediately recognizable since both sides of the head are shaven leaving a single strip of hair along the top which is usually enhanced or spiked with hair gel.

Fohawk or Faux Hawk, is similar to a Mohawk but usually, more hair is left on the sides using a fade technique and the middle strip is smaller and/or less spikey.

Briefly made famous in the 80s by Mr. T from the TV show “The A-Team”, the Mohawk has made a recent comeback since soccer stars David Beckam, Mario Balotelli and Dijibril Cisse all sport the look…

Be sure to check out all of our related Mohawk/Fohawk videos…!

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