Two Legendary Barbers Talk Business and “Real Barber Game”

“Vick The Barber” (from LA) visits West Palm Beach to see ERIC “PACINOS” ROAS, owner of “Pacinos the Remix” Barbershop and creator of “Pacinos the Barber” iPhone/iPad app. Both talk shop and barber-game wisdom in this excellent video clip.

The video starts by showing the inside of Pacinos Barbershop which looks modern and ultra-efficient. This “image” is definitely backed up with substance as half of the shop seems to be filled with national-level barber-battle trophies.

The last segment of the video is the best as Vick and Eric talk seriously about barbershop culture and how up-and-coming barbers should give respect to those who came before them (old-time Master Barber AlsMillions is mentioned as an example.)

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Written by BARBinc News

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