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Vintage BarberShop Competition: SEASON FINALE

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This may not be the most exciting episode of the Vintage Barbershop Competition series but it’s definitely the most satisfying…!

Dave and Louis are at it again in their ongoing (and purely juvenile) barbershop competition. This time, at the suggestion of the FaceBook follower, Dave and Louis agree to drink a bottle of water every 20 minutes until one is forced to go to the bathroom.

All season long, Dave (the evil one…) has won every competition through trickery, subterfuge and downright cheating. But Dave admits upfront that he has a “very weak bladder” so the odds are stacked against him.

Will Louis (the good one) FINALLY win a competition…? Will evil Dave be forced to undergo a dreaded “penalty”…? Take a 20-minute lunch-break and find out…!

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