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Enrique Estrada: Bald Blow Out Tutorial

Enrique the Barber is one of the busiest barbers in the business… Making videos, going on tour and criss-crossing the country is just another “Day in the Life” of this GL Barber. So, after a brief absence from YouTube (no new videos since March) we at BARBinc were happy to see a whole new slew of high-quality instructional videos in Enrique’s YouTube channel. BARBinc is proud to focus on Enrique’s newly posted tutorials this week including today’s offering of “Bald Blow Out”.

Enrique’s tutorials are great for student barbers who want to learn new skills but more important, these videos are a great standard for all veteran barbers to emulate if they are looking to market their skills/techniques via video. Check it out and be sure to watch for other Enrique the Barber videos.

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