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Commercial: Pacinos the App Vol. 2

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Grab your stuff and RUN cause the Apocalypse is here…!!!

Oh wait, our Bad… It’s just the soundtrack for Pacinos latest commercial: “Pacinos the App Vol. 2”.

Now, before we get blasted for angering a barbering demi-god, we do like the App but the commercial can come down a notch or two…

Regardless, many barbers may experience an Apocalypse if they don’t take advantage of Pacinos latest offering – a must-have for your iPhone, iPad or Android.

Featuring an all-star national lineup that includes: Mark Ramirez (CA), Lena Piccininni (NJ), Freddie Fades (IL), Geiva (NJ), Vick Damone (CA) and others, Pacinos gives a lot for your $9.99…

From Skin Fades, Blowouts, Tapper Fades, Shape ups, Ceasars, and more, Pacinos will teach you (in English and in Spanish) the most simple yet advanced clipper cutting techniques. He’ll also teach you how to properly use Color to help emphasize the detailing of your next haircut/design.

For more information, you can visit the app’s Product Page or email Pacino at epacinos@gmail.com. Just be sure to tell him that BARBinc sent you…!

(Video Duration: 4:41 minutes )
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