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Ivan “Clipper Guy” Zoot: Tools For Successful Barbering

If you don’t know the name Ivan Zoot then you are truly missing out on a very smart man whose tools could raise your clientele list above the charts. Otherwise known as “The Clipper Guy,” Zoot is the Education Director for Andis and a successful salon owner who has won 3 Guinness World records for haircutting.

But Zoot’s passion is educating audiences on the latest and greatest tips, tricks, styles and trends for short hair and clipper cutting. This video showcases Zoot at Premiere Orlando 2013 discussing some of the staples found within a barbershop and the meaning behind why a barbershop has a certain space plan and layout. Pay close attention to Zoot’s description on the importance of mirrors in the barbershop and how to utilize your mirrors to give clients a precision cut.

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Written by Jacklyn Mendoza

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