Xotics Sweet Jamila and Shave Therapy – Good for Tattoos, Too..!

(Atlanta, GA) This week, we’re shining the spotlight one of the greatest entrepreneurs in the haircare industry – Curtis Smith, celebrity barber to a host of A-list entertainers (Sean “Diddy” Combs, Usher, Will Smith, Nas) and the founder/owner of Xotics haircare products

“I’m just loving this product. No bumps, and their heads are looking great. So, I highly recommend it..!”

Sometimes, one can forget that Xotics products like Sweet Jamila and Shave Therapy are really cutting-edge haircare technology that’s (wait for it…) All Natural. Xotics is not just good to make curly hair shiny and smooth. The products are truly nutritious for the scalp/skin of any client.

For example, we’ve dug up this testimonial video from Sheryl Rosenblume who’s a tattoo artist in Atlanta, GA. Specializing in cosmetic tattoos on the scalp that roll-back the appearance of hair loss, Sheryl uses Xotics Shave Therapy and Sweet Jamila to eliminate hair bumps and scars that (with other products) would be a nasty side-effect of her service.

For more information about Sheryl’s Hair Simulation services, check out her website at:

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