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Eric “Pacinos” Roa – Life is Fabulous…!

Eric “Pacinos” Roa is living the high-life in this self-promotional video… With the usual Pacinos flair for drama, you see Pacinos jet-setting to France to cut Nas’ hair during the Cannes Film Festival. Then, you see him as the road-warrior giving out wisdom to seminar attendees in various cities. All this while “Life is so Exciting” by Fabulous is blaring in the background. All of us at BARBinc readily admit that Pacinos has the barbering game on overdrive!

To all the other barbers out there, the message is clear… If you wanna be like Eric, then buy his Pacinos iPhone app and follow him on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

No guarantees on turning you into a celebrity barber overnight. Yet, its hard to find another top-tier barber that’s also dedicated to maintaining a top-tier online presence.

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Written by BARBinc News

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