Glimpsing the Personal Side of Enrique Estrada

After showcasing the glamorous life of celebrity barber Eric “Pacinos” Roa, we at BARBinc wanted to showcase a bit of contrast along the barber spectrum. So, we dug up this “behind the scenes” video blog by Enrique Estrada…

In this video, Enrique introduces his (absolutely adorable) daughter and niece and shows you a “day in the life” in Tijuana, Mexico (shopping at Costcos, listening to a mariachi band, etc.) Then, its off to the San Diego Barber Battle where Enrique goes into haircut-hustler mode – clipping sweet cuts all day long and giving some good friends a turn in front of the camera.

The bottom line…? Being a celebrity barber is hard work, regardless of what “tier” you’re on. So, check out this as well as the Pacinos’ video for inspiration and a deeper glimpse into the barbering game.

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Written by BARBinc News

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