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Exclusive: Interview with LayRite Frontman “Jay Majors”

(Costa Mesa, California) Jason G. Raposo, also known as “Jay Majors,” is a fast growing name within the barbershop industry. As a barbershop owner, educator, MC and founder of the Connecticut Barber Battle, Jay Majors continues to stretch his brand’s reach throughout the hair and beauty industry.

Known as “the pitbull” of the Xotics team, a company founded by Curtis Smith which boasts its own line of natural hair care products. Jay Majors uses his assertive business sense and charismatic nature to help barbers expand their knowledge and showcase their talents.

We interviewed Jay on his latest video “East Meets West”. In the video, Jay Major directs and produces a promotional video to premiere his collaboration with LayRite products and its creator, Donnie Hawley of LA-based Hawleywood Barbers.

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LayRite is a water based pomade that’s an ideal alternative to other styling products. Donnie Hawley noticed that many of his clients would have a greasy residue in their hair left by other styling products. He set out to create a product which could style hair but wash out effortlessly with water.

With the combination of Donnie Hawley’s incredible reputation and the popularity of LayRite on the west coast, Jay Major seized an opportunity to be the front-man for the product on the East coast. In this promotional video you’ll notice iconic West Coast elements and (of course) Jay Major’s comedic story-telling style.

But one thing arose curiosity here at the BARBinc NewsWire while watching this video. Specifically, why would Jay (an “Xotics Team” member) embrace a product that competes against Xotics’ Sweet Jamilla pomade…? So, we asked Jay if promoting LayRite products and even buying LayRite products while wearing an Xotics T-shirt (as he does in the video) was an indirect “dis” to Xotics products. Jay responded diplomatically, saying that as a business man he allows himself the opportunity to develop outside endorsement deals, but he will always be a member of the Xotics team and cross promote the Xotics brand whenever possible.

For more information and Jay Majors and Major League Barber Academy, make sure to follow him on Facebook.

And don’t forget to order your own shipment of LayRite pomade.

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Written by Jacklyn Mendoza

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