Nick Wavy – a Wolfing Star is Born…

Watchout “Sir Brush-a-Lot“, there’s a new wolfing specialist on YouTube and his name is Nick Wavy…

For those who aspire to have that magical head of wavy hair despite being born with a case of the “nappies”, then Nick may just be your salvation. In this short 2 minute video, Nick explains the essence of wolfing (“If you break down the science, 360 waves are laid-down curls…”) and gives an overview of how to get that just-right wave…

Despite some technical difficulties, Nick’s videos are quite entertaining and educational. So, checkout this video and if you’re interested, visit Nick’s YouTube Channel for more wolfing tips and techniques.

P.S. – Don’t worry Sir Cruse, we love your videos too…!

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Written by BARBinc News

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