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Product Roundup: Outliner Barber Clippers

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“When you get a chance, you should definitely buy a pair of these… These are the sleepers, not too many people know about these. If you have these, you’ll blow a lot of barbers out of the water.”
– David Warren

(Los Angeles, CA) If you want to clean, sharpen or just maintain your clippers, then 20-year veteran barber David Warren is the man you need to know! David has posted a video reviewing the pros and cons of the most popular outliners in the industry: Wahl Senior, T Outliner, Andis Master, Oster Speed Line, Wahl Hero and Oster 76.

So which ones are the “sleepers”…? Watch and find out…!

Visit David Warren’s YouTube Channel to get the latest list of tutorials and a slew of excellent clipper maintenance videos.

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