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This is different… “At the Shop” Episode 1 (Taper Tutorial)

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This is different… David Warren specializes in making instructional videos that combine Barbers and urban culture to give the viewer a full “Barber Shop Experience”. So while you’re reading step-by-step instructions off the screen to improve your barbering skills, you also get an ear-full of real barbershop conversation (…this time, its “Pooh” discussing his basketball prowess). Half the time, we couldn’t even understand what Pooh was talking about and wished we had some sub-titles to keep up with his talk.

But we at BARBinc watch a LOT of barber videos – and surprisingly, this combination of “shop-talk” and straight-ahead instructions really works..! It kept us watching through the entire 8+ minutes (which is an eternity in YouTube-time).

Take a look and send David some positive comments if you like this experimental format…

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