Best time to shave… Morning or Night?

(Santa Monica, California) Craig the Barber teams up with to provide a series of helpful daily tips and tricks for men to use in their grooming routine. In this particular video, Craig discussions the advantages of timing when you shave. Whether you shave in the morning or at night, Craig says, you must consider the thickness and growth speed of your facial hair.

While a shaving routine often coordinates with a man’s morning routine – whether or not he is a morning person or constantly rushing out the door, this video provides valuable information on why you may want to switch your shaving routine to a time that is best considering your facial needs. While night shavers will have more time for precision, morning shavers will always have that so fresh and so clean feeling.

Either way, Craig the Barber gives both morning and night shaving advantages and disadvantages and describes some common parameters to decide which time would best suit your lifestyle.

(Video Duration: 2:13 )
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Written by Jacklyn Mendoza

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