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Grow Your Game – First Barbershop Visit

(New York, NY) With only six weeks into the challenge the guys from Grow Your Game take a visit to see Thommy, a barber from Neighborhood Cut & Shave for their first barbershop visit since beginning the challenge. As each gentleman gets comfortable in Thommy’s chair, they offer insight on how simple using the Rogaine products really is. With one application in the morning and another at night, using the Rogaine products have become a natural part of the guy’s daily routines.

Thommy also offers insight on what each guy should expect as they continue to use the Rogaine products. Some men complain about hair shedding while using the products – Thommy explains the hair shedding is a natural process, you want to get rid of the dead hair folicle so you can grow new healthier hair.

For more information on Rogaine and to see more of the Grow Your Game series, visit Rogaine’s Youtube Channel.

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Written by Jacklyn Mendoza

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