New York Barber Shop – Skin Fade

(Miami, Florida) Hair-art designs are growing increasingly more popular across the country. Designs can vary from promoting your favorite sports teams to a romantic message of love. But for those who have never tried a freehand or tribal design before, the question of how to style your hair once it begins to grow is a common question.

In the video below, Dizzomac, a barber from New York Barber Shop, transforms his client’s hair from an overgrown tribal design to a clean and precise skin fade. A skin fade is very similar to a buzz cut with the only real difference being the hair around the ears.For extra precision, Dizzomac begins his cut with varying clipper blade sizes and proceeds to give a finishing touch with his razor.

This is a great example of a clean, well executed skin fade. Bye bye hair-art designs…!

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(Video Duration: 3:16 )
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Written by Jacklyn Mendoza

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