Shave Balm vs. Cologne

(Santa Monica, California) With so many myths surrounding the proper technique and routine to a perfect shave, EHow and Craig the Barber set out to clarify some common misconceptions. In this video, Craig describes the differences in functionality between a shave balm and cologne.

While men love to use a cologne after their shave, make sure to only splash the fragrance in areas which have not been freshly cut. The neck and behind the ears are great so your woman can get close enough to touch and smell how fresh you are. Make sure to watch the video to its entirety for an in-depth explanation of when to use your favorite after-shave fragrance.

Craig the Barber, is the CEO of The Grooming Concierge and Editor-in-Chief of the, an online source for men’s grooming, products and product reviews, tutorials and videos.

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(Video Duration: 1:42 )
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Written by Jacklyn Mendoza

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