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The “Cirque” Side of Bronner Brothers

(Atlanta, Georgia) As a lead-up to Bronner Brother’s International Hair Show taking place this weekend (August 17-20, 2013), the NewsWire is featuring stories about this all-important industry event…

Yes… There’s the business, educational and social side of Bronner Bros. Hair Show. Then, there’s the wild, exotic, apocalyptic and purely entertaining “soul” of the event as multiple runway-styled presentations take center stage (literally) on each and every day. Like Mardi Gras in New Orleans or Brazil’s Carnival, people plan and practice runway routines for months – creating costumes, choreography and (of course) outrageous hairstyles in a non-stop display of “over the top”.

Below is an video collage of several runway shows from previous BB Hair Shows… Makes Hollywood look downright tame by comparison…!

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About Bronner Brothers / BB International Hair Show

The Bronner Bros. Enterprise is one of the largest private African American hair and skin care producers in the United States. Founded in 1947, the company currently employs over 300 and is headquartered in Marietta, Georgia. More information can be found on their Company Info page.

The BB International Hair Show is a semi-annual event and a huge draw for “All Things Barber”… The Winter event happened this past February and the Summer event will run from Aug-17th to Tuesday, August 20th, 2013. Although the show encompasses the entire haircare industry, the convention includes a wide array of barber-based educational classes, barber competitions and one of the largest industry trade floors with hundreds of exhibitors.

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