TRIM Episode #2 Premieres on YouTube

“I think there’s a lack of sit-coms in terms of the Black industry… And I love the whole barbershop scenario, which TRIM is obviously all about.”
– Oyinka Yusuff, actress on TRIM

(London, UK) The second episode of TRIM premiered on YouTube premieres on August 2, 2013.

TRIM is a new British web series revealing the lives of four barbers. The series’ aim is to peak behind the curtain at the dynamics of culture, loyalty, friendship, business, relationships and of course the family that creates these amazing dynamics – the barbers. Below is a teaser clip interviewing cast member Oyinka Yusuff.

Check it out (as well as Episode #1) and be sure to stay tuned for future episodes…!

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TRIM Episode #2 Premieres on YouTube

TRIM – Episode #2 Premieres on YouTube