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On Sale: The Mr. Rufus Barber Chair by Standish Salon Goods

The traditional pneumatic barber’s chair, an iconic fixture in all barbershops, has hardly changed style-wise in over 100 years. This is a testament to its great design and throne-like comfort for customers of all sizes. But Standish Salon Goods presents the Mr. William Rufus Barber Chair – billed as “a modern look to the classic barber chair but with all the same functions”. Lighter than most barber chairs and currently on sale for $689 (as of October-2013), this chair won’t break your wallet or back…

So, if you’re updating your current barbershop (or starting a new one), you may want to take a peek to see if the Rufus is right for you. Visit the Rufus Barber Chair’s Product Page for more information.



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