Spotlight On: Barber Tatrick Baldwin

“I decided to start doing hair… because it was difficult for other barbers to get my edge lined up right. So, I started experimenting on myself… found out I was pretty good at it.”
– Tatrick Baldwin, Platinum Kutz Barbershop

(Arlington, Texas) Ladies… You can’t help but fall in love with Tatrick Baldwin – the soft-spoken, God-fearing Southern gentleman who’s also the owner of Platinum Kutz Barbershop. From the twinkle in his eyes to his heart-melting smile, Tatrick got major mojo goin’ for him…

But, we can’t really say the same about his business presence. As of the time of writing this (October 22, 2013) Tatrick’s barbershop has absolutely no Facebook, Twitter or website presence to speak of. It took our research team some real online digging (and a visit to Dun & Bradstreet) to just get his barbershop’s street address (included below).

This is a lesson for all barbers big and small. YouTube videos are seen around the globe, so be sure to include SOME contact info. in the closing credits. As for Tatrick, we wish him all the best…!

Platinum Kutz Barbershop
3901 W Arkansas Ln 102a
Arlington, TX 76016-6407



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