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Spotlight on: Barbers Kenji Prince & Josh Wilbur

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“All The stuff we do is more by the books than a lot of other barbershops do. Mostly I’m talking about the ones that claim to be barber shops but are just salons that try to cut mens hair. We try to keep things by the book as much as possible and give people that service they expect from genuine barbershops rather than the bullshit they get at salons.”
-Kenji Prince, Owner, Old Familiar Barbershop

(Columbus, Ohio) Since back in the day, there’s been something special about the kinship of two barbers that share the same workspace. The bond is like a brotherhood, where its even OK to insult each other because, Hey… that’s what brothers do.

Fast forward to today and you can almost feel the fraternal love shared between Kenji Prince and Josh Wilber as the camera captures them clipping hair, riffing about their lives, and enjoying a simple afternoon at the Old Familiar Barbershop. Although its not a “vintage” barbershop, both Kenji and Josh have captured the essence of what it means to be a “barbershop duo”.

So, if you’re ever in Columbus, Ohio be sure to visit and soak up today’s version of the old-school barbershop vibe.



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