AlsMillions Interviews “Barberpreneurs” Johnn Belt & Joel Liner

(Macon, Georgia) AlsMillion is a GIANT in the barbering industry and has developed several videos and seminars to enrich the potential for barbers throughout the country. His website(ABMAMM – Average Barbers Making Above Average Money) hosts a slew of videos designed to give barbers and hairstylists the technical and mental tools to prosper within the haircare industry.
In this video, AlsMillion introduces his viewers to two impressive products:

One being the Premiere Evo, created by Johnn Belt, is a 13,000 RPM 2 speed clipper with a built-in fan and operates using a rotary motor. After roughly five years of research, developing and seeing the daily needs of barbers – Johnn Belt has released this impressive clipper set with exclusive black blades.

On a completely different spectrum, AlsMillion also introduces Joel Liner who designs and manufactures Barber Vintage Tees. If your shop is looking for fashionable uniforms for your barbers, Joel Liner has designed a t-shirt line that both barbershop owners and individual barbers would be pleased to wear.

::: Warning – The video below has several pauses and gaps, please be patient. This is not a video you want to miss :::

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(Video Duration: 7:07)
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Written by Jacklyn Mendoza

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