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Hey Moms – Save Money with Andis At-Home Haircuts

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The people at Andis want moms to know that they don’t have to take their little ones to a barbershop to get a good haircut. We’ll ignore that blasphemy for a moment and just continue…

The company released two instructional videos for their Promotor+ Clipper combo (clipper and trimmer units) to help educate parents about the fundamentals of haircutting. It’s interesting to note that Andis released both a “Caucassian” and an “Ethnic” version of the same video (…no, we’re really not kidding about this) with a few differences in instructions. We at BARBinc think it would’ve been a better idea to assemble multiple videos based upon hair type (straight, curly, tight) as supposed to the person’s ethnicity.

Anyway, take a look at both videos and see if you can spot the differences…!


(Video Duration: 3:01)
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(Video Duration: 2:49)
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