Spotlight on: “James the Barber” of New Era Barbershop

(Tampa, Florida) New Era Barbershop is where barbers who are natural entrepreneurs have come together to bring the public the best individuals barbers under one roof. James the Barber began his barber career after moving to Florida and facing a very personal dilemma. Being young and new to the area, he didn’t know where to go to get his haircut. Admitting he was quite particular with his image, he decided to pick up a pair of clippers and cut his own hair. With practice, he began to receive positive feedback from his classmates and friends – and even requests for cuts. By 17, James was licensed and already working in a successful barbershop.

James says his success goes beyond the obvious money-making… He measures his success on his returning and growing list of clients. Making them look and feel good with a simple haircut.



(Video Duration: 4:30)
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Written by Jacklyn Mendoza

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