Tips from Tae the Barber: Improving Customer Loyalty

(Hampton, Georgia) Shonate Powell, more commonly known as Tae the Barber, is known for his “pay it forward” philosophy. As a board member of the Empire Beauty School, a frequent speaker to aspiring barbers throughout the Atlanta area, a community leader establishing a mentor program (I AM Him) for at risk boys, and a social media educator, providing YouTube videos, like the one below, providing aspiring and well-established barbers ideas and materials to expand their businesses.

Through his YouTube Channel, Tae the Barber has developed a video web-series named Tae’s 2-minute Tips, which are simple tips that a barbershop or individual barber can easily put into practice. These tips include customer retention, marketing ideas, customer service and even technical dilemma’s like hair loss and grooming aides.



(Video Duration: 4:41)
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In the video above, Tae focuses on the value of customer service between a barber and his/her clientele. He answers the questions:

1: What is customer loyalty?
2: How do you build customer retention?
3: How can you showcase customer appreciation?

Tae the Barber, owner of World Class Kutz, is an educator and community role model. For more information on Tae the Barber, World Class Kutz or Tae’s scholarship fund please visit World Class Kutz

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Written by Jacklyn Mendoza

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