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BARBinc BarberArt Roundup: Dec-07-2013

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This week, we’ve uncovered some real exciting (and a few weird) BarberArt pieces for your enjoyment. First, we’d like to thank Quyen Dihn (@parlor_tattoo_prints) for some great barber-inspired images including the t-shirt print on this week’s cover. If you like her nouveau-inspired art then check out her Instagram page.

On the weirder side of things, we have barbershop signage with Santa sporting a mohawk as well as a wild barberart piece that starts at the customer’s moustache and reaches all the way down to his chest (must-see)…

So, enjoy the visuals and if you want to submit your BarberArt to BARBinc News, be sure to include the tags #BarberArt and #BARBincCom when posting to Instagram..!

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