Cranium Wear Store & Barbershop

(Coventry, England) Skateboards – you either love them or hate them. And the folks at Cranium Wear LTD & Barbershop don’t really care which way you lean as long as the skateboarders who practice in front of the storefront grab your attention.

Cranium Wear LTD & Barbershop is a very cool modern street/urban wear store with accompanying barbershop in Coventry City Centre. This place is the place to go when you are short on time but want maximum style. With apparel and accessories on the main floor and a barbershop in the basement, this is a one-stop shop to looking good.

Waiting to sit in the barber chair? No worries! Aside from the regular mix of magazines and newspapers, this store offers big screen TVs where you can enjoy live sports, play Xbox, watch a movie or just blast some music.

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Written by Jacklyn Mendoza

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