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(Chicago, Illinois) Let’s look away from last week’s nationwide snow/icestorm and think of sunnier times…

It’s a warm, Sunday morning in July and you wake up looking rough… maybe a bit dehydrated from Saturday night’s shenanigans. Well if you are in the Chicago, you are in luck!

During the summer months the folks at Joe’s Barbershop team up with the folks at Man-B-Que for one Sunday every month to bring the public the greatest hangover remedy known to date! The Hangover Shave Event is where customers, old and new, can get a flat rate ($30) haircut OR hot towel straight-razor shave.

Best part – either way you you still get to enjoy a freshly made Man-B-Que burger (cooked right outside the shop!), a Half Arc tall-boy (yes! BEER!), and a cup of fresh Italian Ice from Miko’s (to make it family friendly).

In business since 1968, Joe’s Barbershop is a 3rd generation family run business. Upholding the quality to it’s custoemrs, the shop is on the smaller side as it only accommodates 3 chairs and 4 very talented barbers.

So instead of sobering up on a fancy brunch on a Sunday afternoon, definitely head to Joe’s Barbershop to grab a burger and a cut…!



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Written by Jacklyn Mendoza

Commercial: Jefferson’s Barbershop (Vancouver, Canada)

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