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BARBinc News is now on ISSUU.com…!

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It is with great fanfare and joy that we introduce the newest addition to our growing media empire…!

At BARBinc, we have dream of creating a digital magazine that can fully report on great Barber stories and broadcast them throughout the globe. To meet that goal, we’re committed to using the latest technologies to expand our circulation and enhance your reading experience.

So, in addition to our Flipboard magazine editions, we are now expanding our publishing empire with ISSUU.com. This premiere edition (below) marks the first step in bringing great Barbershop stories to over 70 Million ISSUU readers.

In upcoming weeks, we’ll expand our coverage to give you, our readers, a front-row seat of what’s happending within the Barbering world. We’ll also use ISSUU to dive deeper into each story.

So, have fun exploring our new magazine format and be sure to follow/like us on FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram…!

– The Team at BARBinc News

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