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HowTo TUE: Taper Fade with Andis Masters

(Houston, Texas) Ignacio Gonzalez was inspired to become a barber while viewing too many online tutorials… Taking a more modern approach in his apprenticeship, Ignacio learned many of his beginner techniques through these Youtube videos. He soon noticed that there was a one major flaw to many of these online tutorials – none of them were truly detailed. Most tutorials will give you a quick or brief overview on how to achieve a certain cut or technique. Ignacio believed that if he needed more detailed videos to learn from then there must be thousands (or millions) of others who needed the same.

With this idea Igancio began his own Youtube channel and developed full, in-depth tutorials where he not only visibly shows his viewers his techniques but also describes why he prefers certain methods.

For example, in this video he demonstrates how to achieve a taper fade using Andis Masters, the T-Outliner, Wahl blading machines and shavers.

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(Video Duration: 23:01)
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Written by Jacklyn Mendoza

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