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The Art of the Barbershop w/ Varsity Barbers

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(Warrensburg, Missouri) Varsity Barbers is the true American barbershop – a family business in an over commercialized industry. Christian Ireland grew up watching her uncle Calvin cut hair and attend to customer since she was a little girl.

Growing up with a barber in the family, she was inspired and attended barber school as soon as she became of age. After completion, she returned to Varsity Barbershop, where her uncle had a chair available for her. With Jason Williams joining the staff shortly after, this small town shop flourished into a full fledged family business.

Varsity barbershop and it’s staff take a nostalgic approach to their service. Ensuring every client’s 45 minute appointment is a time of relaxation, a break from all outside stress, influences and politics – just some ME time.


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