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Top Stories of 2013 – BARBinc News

It is with great fanfare and joy that we present to you our Top Stories of 2013 – the first in a series of digital magazines. Throughout 2014, we’ll capture the best barber/salon stories and bring them to you in a easy-to-read digital magazine format that’s customized for all reading devices…

In this, our premiere issue, the team at BARBinc News poured over 1,000+ articles already published and selected the best ones that were 1) hugely popular among our readers or 2) our favorite “hidden gems” that were a joy to cover.

(And, of course, we included the best BarberArt Roundups that you’ve come to expect from us..!)

We invite you to flip through the pages and reflect on all the great BarberLife stories of last year, featuring AlsMillions, Curtis Smith / Xotics, Vick Damone, Joe Barber and many others. More importantly, stay tuned each week as BARBinc News brings you a whole new reading experience throughout 2014…!

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Written by BARBinc News

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