#BarberArt Roundup – Spotlight on “TheBarberPost”

It takes a LOT of time and effort to hunt down and gather the best BarberArt images every week. We at BARBinc consider the task a labor of love and are proud to see that you, our readers, enjoy the results. However, BARBinc is not the only “BarberArt Hunter” on Instagram and this week, we’re giving love to one of our respected peers – TheBarberPost – by highlighting some of the images they’ve reposted from the past week.

So, check out some of the best images (re)posted by TheBarberPost and read the rest of our article (below) to learn more about them…

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TheBarberPost – A Reposter Worth Following

For those who aren’t in the know, there are basically two types of “Instagrammers”… Those who post original images and “reposters” who select the best ones to promote to their friends/followers. One of the best reposters within the IG-Barbering community is TheBarberPost . With savvy style and taste, TheBarberPost consistently delivers quality images culled from other people’s photo-streams.

We at BARBinc give much respect to TheBarberPost because they follow/obey the three Laws of Instagram Reposting:

Law #1: ALWAYS give credit to the original poster
Law #2: Promote each image with plenty of relevant tags
Law #3: Be positive – Never repost in order to criticize another’s work.

In a typical week, TheBarberPost reposts an average of 150-200+ images covering all aspects of Barber Life. From great haircuts to barber humor (…and the occassional bikini-clad lady) the vartiety and depth is astounding. For example TheBarberPost went on a mission to dig up a slew of barber-related tattoos last week, ultimately delivering a “mini-museum” of 50+ quality images (some are in our gallery above).

Simply put, If you’re on Instagram, then TheBarberPost should definitely be on your follow list…!

So, checkout TheBarberPost’s Instagram channel and remember – if you want to submit your BarberArt to BARBinc News, be sure to include the tags #BarberArt and #BARBincCom when posting to Instagram..!

What do you think?

Written by BARBinc News

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