Is “Making The Cut” Worth Watching…? (Episode #2 Review)

Web-series “Making the Cut” released its 2nd episode over the weekend and we at BARBinc were left… well, a bit puzzled and confused. Don’t get us wrong – we LOVE the concept and are rooting for the entire team (contestants, judges and production company). However, there were some issues that made this episode fall flat.

But don’t just take our word at face value. Check out Episode #2 for yourself and then read the rest of our review below…


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Our biggest turnoff with Episode #2 was technical. Sound quality was sketchy and verbal conversations were muffled throughout most of the video – leading us to blast our speakers and strain our ears to pickup any comments from the judges/contestants.

We were willing to overlook this issue, saying “Hey… this is only episode #2. They’ll work the kinks out over the next few episodes.”

Which led to our other gripe..!

In episode #2 – during their FIRST competition, one of the three contestants (we won’t tell who) was eliminated. We hardly got time to know ANY contestant and now we’re down to the “final two”…???

We expected to see see all three contestants compete, interact with the judges and get graded through at least two (or more) episodes before the axe came down. After a long and well publicized lead-up (which BARBinc has covered here and here) Episode #2 made the entire series feel more like an “quickie” versus a true competition worth tuning in to.

The Final Verdict

We at BARBinc REALLY wanted to root for this show. In many ways, “Making the Cut” has all the elements of a potential YouTube sensation (great celebrity judges, likeable contestants and a prize worth going after). But after Episode #2, we just can’t hide our disappointment that the end-result didn’t make the cut with us…

What do you think?

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