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Meet Taelor Moore – A (Not So) Typical Bronner Brothers Showcase Model..!

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As part of BARBinc’s coverage of Bronner Brothers International Hair Show this weekend (February, 2014) we’re excited to introduce an Artist Profile of Taeler Moore – a talented young model working in the trenches of this huge industry event…. You can connect with Taelor through Facebook, Twitter or at her modelling webiste.


All images sourced from: TaelorMooreArtistry.4ormat.com

So who IS Taelor Moore…?

Four years ago, Taelor was an average lanky student in Columbus Georgia. She was tall and thin but had lots of freckles – not the vision one gets when the word “model” is mentioned. With wild and sometimes unmanageable hair, no one would suspect that she would be in “the business” four years later – least of all Taelor.


All images sourced from: TaelorMooreArtistry.4ormat.com

Her modeling career started by accident when she was hanging out with her brother at one of his modeling shoots. He told the organizers that she should be in the show and just like that (no prep, no practice, with no previous runway experience) she was on stage and doing a show. This may sound like a recipe for failure but no… Taelor was a natural. She ended up doing runway and then print/ad modeling for the next couple of years.

Then during a particularly difficult time in her life she did THE BIG CHOP

Taelor went from long, processed hair to only two inches in one dramatic night. Being unhappy with her relationship and not sure of what she wanted in life was a catalyst to “Go Natural” with her hairstyle. At first, Taelor hid what she did from her family by wearing a head scarf and hat. And when they found out, Taelor remembers that there was quite a bit of shock and drama.


All images sourced from: TaelorMooreArtistry.4ormat.com

However Taelor’s leap of faith paid off and the new look actually opened MORE door from her. With the ever growing popularity of the Natural Hair scene, Taelor found herself getting more bookings than she could have imagined. Then there was an Open Call from Universal Beauty for models in July, 2013. Taelor submitted her photo and was called back within 30 minutes. And that began a whole new chapter of her career.

Since working at Bronner Bros for the first time in August, 2013 Taelor has been working non-stop. Universal Beauty called her right after to show to let her know they wanted her in their next show. She has been featured in an upcoming HBO Pilot “Being Black at Harvard” and in October, 2013 she was an extra for the next “The Fast and The Furious” Movie. Being in Bronner Brothers has resulted in getting calls from photographers all over the world who want to capture her unique look.


All images sourced from: TaelorMooreArtistry.4ormat.com

But all of this success has not gone to her head… She continues to visit high schools to talk to young girls about self-esteem and self-confidence and loving who they are. She often shares her (very recent) experience as an awkward teenager who did not see her own inner beauty and who tried to conform to the Hollywood definition of Beauty – often with lots of makeup and processed hair.

The team at BARBinc expect to see great things for her in the future. And for all you guys who may be clamoring to meet Taelor Moore – know this: She is shy but knows what she wants; she is confident, honest and she expects much from herself and from anyone who would be in her life. Lastly, Taelor is VERY focused on her career so she has no time for distractions (aka “trifling scrubbs”)

In other words, get your game together and come correct or not at all.

For all those young girls who want to be the next Showcase Model at Bronner Brothers, or any other hair show, Taelor has these words of encouragement:

“Believe in yourself, find your inner beauty and all things are possible
(and don’t be afraid of The Big Chop… lol 😉


All images sourced from: TaelorMooreArtistry.4ormat.com
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