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Nick Wavy – 2014 Beginner’s Guide To Get 720 Waves

Thanks to a massively horrible haircut from his sister, Nick Wavy is now the “go-to Youtube information channel for achieving the “720 wave” hairstyle. But first, a bit of background…

There are two types of “waving/wolfing” techniques, as explained by Nick. The “720 wave” create circular wave pattern around your head, while “360 waves” are start from the crown of your head and radiate down to the end of your hairline. Nick goes over the tools necessary to maintain each wave style (though the 720 is emphasized in this video) how to add product, the proper way to brush/comb your hair and how to set your hair with the use of a Du-rag.

For more information on how to create 720 waves, follow Nick Wavy on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and of course his Youtube channel.


(Video Duration: 3:33)
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Written by Jacklyn Mendoza

Commercial: Victory Barber and Brand (Victoria, BC – Canada)

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