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Salon: Men’s Wet Shave and Cut Tutorial

(Manchester, United Kingdom) Ladies – want to keep the men in your life looking their best?

Claire from The Hair Bank demonstrates how easy it is to perform a wet shave and cut. Simply using clippers, cutting scissors, a traditional razor and a cut throat razor – you can follow this simple tutorial and have your man looking sharp.

Some key steps to follow for a great shave:

1: Always use a pre=shave cream to get rid of any lingering dirt (to be followed by hot towel)
2: When applying shaving cream, use a twisting motion. This ensures that the lather goes in between the facial hair and is not just coating the hair.
3: When using a cut-throat razor, pull the skin tight to get a closer shave. This also lessens possible skin irritability.


(Video Duration: 02:35)
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Written by Jacklyn Mendoza

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