#tbt – Celebrating an True Old-School Barber from Philly

Digging through our News Archives, we pulled up this 1993 documentary featuring James the Baber – a quiet, gentle person who dedicated his life to the hard-knock neighborhood of South-Philly. If the fictional boxer “Rocky Balboa” ever needed a haircut, he would probably show up in James’ seat…

James is a great example of how barbers become deeply rooted into the community – serving as friends, confidants, and even life savers. So give this nostalgic video a quick look during your lunch-break. The 24-minute clip may lack movie explosions or climatic fights, but you’ll be captivated and entertained as you follow the quiet dignity (and philosophical musings) of this everyday-man…


(Video Duration: 24:00)
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Commercial: Florida Barber Academy (Pompano Beach, Florida)

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