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ClipperGuy Ivan Zoot Shows How to “Guard Your Guard”

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If you haven’t checked out the YouTube page for Ivan “ClipperGuy” Zoot, you’re missing out on a HUGE library of great barber information. For example, in his latest video, Ivan talks about the dangers of a loose clipper guard.

To remedy and completely avoid this potentially awkward experience – Ivan has a hand technique, which he demonstrates in the video, called “Guard Your Guard”. This technique ensures you have full control of your clipper guard and can prevent all hair catastrophes while not compromising the quality of the cut.


(Video Duration: 1:18)
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About Ivan “ClipperGuy” Zoot

Ivan “Clipper Guy” Zoot is the Education Director for Andis and a successful salon owner who has won 3 Guinness World records for haircutting. His website Zoothair.com hosts a shop to buy all Zoot sponsored products, instructional videos, and booking information.

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