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Jay The Barber Endorses “EZ-Blade Shaving Gel”

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(New York, NY) Jay the Barber, creator of HowToBecomeABarber.com introduces his newest product, the EZ-Blade Shaving Gel. The revolutionary idea to this gel is in it’s clear consistency. Most shaving gels have a very thick and non-transparent foam once it’s lathered onto the skin. But the EZ-Blade shaving gel is clear and allows the barber to see exactly what (s)he is doing, therefore having better control of the overall shave.

Best of all, the gel is packed with Vitamin E and has a therapeutic minty sensation which opens the pores and relaxes the hair follicles.

Be sure to follow Jay The Barber on Facebook, Instagram (@realjaythebarber) and Twitter (@barberquest) as well as visit his Shop on HowToBecomeABarber.com for all merchandise, shop info and private lessons.


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