Keep Your Clipper Blades Sharp Using D3 Boost Juice

Keeping your clipper blades in tip-top shape is essential for all barbers. But how exactly can you prolong the life of your blades?

One of the people “in-the-know” is Adreis Atkins, owner of Keep It Sharp and creator of the Wooo Wop Blade – Adreis presents his newest product – the D3 Boost Juice.

The D3 Boost Juice is an all-in-one blade wash and clipper oil. It removes gel, grease, hair follicles, dead skin and grime as it simultaneously oils the blade and in turn boosts the clipper speed. In this video, Adreis demonstrates two methods to “use the Juice”, either as a spray on oil or a bowl dip to wash blades at the end of the work day.

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(Video Duration: 7:04)
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Written by Jacklyn Mendoza

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