Review of “Making The Cut” – The Finals (Part 1)

We at BARBinc were glad to see Part 1 of the “Making the Cut” finale. Some technical and storytelling improvements helped to keep our interest and, to our surprise, we actually wanted more after Part 1 ended…

But first, a bit of background. Making The Cut introduces viewers to three aspiring barbers who compete for a grand prize worth over $10,000 – provided by the Bay Area Hair Institute in San Francisco, California. You can read more about the show at the end of this article…

But now, let’s fast forward to the finals where contestants Paul and Anthony have made the cut and embark on Final Challenge Part 1 – The Combover.

Unlike the previous episode (where Daniel Porter was eliminated), the show’s producers added text subtitles whenever audio is muffled. Also, it seems as if the judges were more “hands-on” with the contestants throughout this episode. For example, Vick Damone, looking like a Cheshire Cat (or a lion about to pounce) smiles as he delivers real-time critiques and corrections that test the resolve of each competitor.

Despite the criticism, the judges do go the extra mile to direct and guide each contestant through the challenge – even going so far as to take over the clippers/scissors to demonstrate the finer details of the Combover haircut.

So, who won…? Well… You gotta watch to find out (…and of course, stay tuned for Part 2)


(Video Duration: 9:55)
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About “Making the Cut”

Sponsored by LayRite Pomade, “Making the Cut” is an online reality-based competition series hosted by Anton Cura (owner of Attention to Detail Barber Gallery). The show has three A-list judges including: Vick “The Barber” Damone (owner of Timeless Barbers Barbershop), Shane Nesbitt (owner of Shane’s Barbershop and Shave Parlor) and Derrick “Deerock” Pecson (owner of Black and Gold Barber Lounge).

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