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“Sea The Barber” Wins Black History Month #BarberArt Contest…!

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BARBinc.com is proud to announce the winner of its first annual Black History Month #BarberArt Contest. Sponsored by BlackFacts.com, our winner is “Sea The Barber” (Instagram: @sea_thebarber) with an impressive portrait of Nelson Mandela…



But, who is “Sea The Barber”…?



“Sea” (not her real name) is the only female barber on staff at New York-based The Hustle Barbershop.

Cutting hair since 1998, Sea’s first BarberArt piece was a ninja cut (made with T-Outliners) that was posted on Instagram in August-2012 with the prophetic caption: “and so it begins…”



It’s also obvious that Sea is very well-liked within the industry as photos with Lena Piccininni, Eric “Pacinos” Roa, Eli Da Barber and other top-level barbers are spread throughout her photostream…





So… What’s Next…?

When asked what she would do with the $200 BlackFacts.com cash prize, Sea responds with true humility and professionalism:

“I believe in paying things forward so I plan on donating some money to a non – profit art organization for children. The rest will go to tools and art supplies that I’m in need of to help me advance in my work.”
    – Sea The Barber

We at BARBinc couldn’t ask for a better contestant/winner and we wish Sea the best in all her future endeavors..!


About BlackFacts.com

BlackFacts.com is an online database of Black History facts for every day of the year. It consistently ranks as one of the top online resources for African-American trivia with over 100,000 unique visits and over 250,000 pageviews during every Black History Month. BalckFacts.com is the primary sponsor of BARBinc’s Black History Month BarberArt Contest.

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