A Good Cause – “JustTheHead” Raising Funds for Charity

“JustTheHead” focuses on the beauty of women with short hairstyles and are currently raising funds for the charity “Wigs for Kids”…

Hey… We at BARBinc wanted to spread the word after coming across a wonderfully dedicated Instagrammer named Brie Hodges. She runs a multi-network site called “JustTheHead” that features short-cropped women in all their glory. Here’s an example of what you’ll find on her Instagram photo-stream…



(Note: All images sourced from – @JustTheHead)

Recently, she read about Kamryn Renfro (aged 9) in Denver, Colorado who was suspended from school when she cut her hair to support a friend who was undergoing cancer treatment. Luckily, the school reversed its decision but that wasn’t enough for Brie…

Inspired to help other children with cancer, Brie started a fundraiser at to benefit the charity “Wigs for Kids”. People who donate will get a “Just The Head” T-shirt but here’s the catch… Brie needs at least 20 donations (with a target of 50 shirts) to secure the printing.

We think that this is a good cause worth supporting. In Brie’s words:

Wigs for Kids has been in business for 30 years and helps to build children’s confidence and allows them to continue in their daily lives without feeling too “different”. 12,400 children are diagnosed yearly with cancer, I just want to do my part in making their lives that much easier…

So… If you want to support this charity, we encourage you to visit the website (NOTE: only 10 dyas left to donate) and be sure to connect with Brie via Instagram, Twitter or her JustTheHead Tumblr site


What do you think?

Written by BARBinc News

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